Simplifying and maximizing
your tax credit application.

Our expertise

The service PREMTEC offers has only two objectives: to simplify and maximize your tax credit application. To achieve these, we offer you effective assistance in the preparation of your tax credit application under the Scientific Research & Experimental Development program (SR&ED).

PREMTEC is one of the few engineering consulting firms in Canada specializing in the preparation of technical and financial reports required to claim SR&ED tax credits. Our in-depth knowledge about this program, which dates back to its inception, is probably your best guarantee that we will maximize your SR&ED tax credits. Our long-standing experience with the program, as well as the training the specialized engineers on our team receive, ensure that we continuously improve our work methods so as to facilitate the program’s application for our clients.

We have unparalleled knowledge about the SR&ED program and outstanding expertise; both are gauges of optimal results. Jean-François Clément, engineer and founder of PREMTEC, has some of the most comprehensive experience in the field in Canada. His involvement dates back to the early years of the project’s creation in the mid-1980’s!

Our team of engineers, scientists, technicians and specialists are committed to preparing your application with strict adherence to the program. This is how we can guarantee results.

If your company whether you are a small business or a multinational enterprise spends a significant amount of time on research and development, let us evaluate your claim potential free of charge if none of your projects are deemed eligible.  YOU have everything to win!

Our methods

Our proven methods streamline our involvement and increase its effectiveness.

Over the years, WE have developed a simple, effective and fast method designed to maximize the value of your tax credits in compliance with the SR&ED program.

WE foster a flexible and confidential approach based on YOUR specific needs.

Use of this method allows YOU not only to maximize your claim, but also, to minimize the time your personnel spends on its preparation. In most situations, a meeting lasting one to or hours with the members of your team is sufficient to allow us to gather the information required to prepare your claim.

Our help

Always there for YOU!

To ensure your application is properly processed with federal and provincial government agencies, we will take care of all correspondence with the organization in charge of the program.

If a workplace audit is required by the Agencies, we will not only be present but we will help your staff prepare for the meeting with the government Agency representatives.

WE can therefore guarantee comprehensive, ongoing client liaison and technical assistance services for all your dealings with the federal and provincial governments.


Our guarantee

How can WE guarantee the claim results?

To answer is simple: WE offer a comprehensive, results-based approach. This translates into a proven methodology, which we use to evaluate the tax credit amounts you are entitled to, and assist in the preparation of your application in compliance with the SR&ED program.

Using this approach, WE can confirm that, to date, more than 98% of the tax credits claimed by for our clients have been approved.

Although we cannot formally “guarantee” that your application will be approved due the fact that a third party will make the final decision, WE nonetheless believe that our outstanding acceptance rate speaks for itself.

Truth be told, WE do not know of a better argument than that YOU will to optimize your tax credit claim application.

WE are so convinced that our service will help you optimize your tax credit application that WE are offering YOU a “risk-free” billing method. Our contract outlines the type of mandate, fees, payment terms, and the conditions of this guarantee. WE are committed to doing all we can to ensure that all our clients obtain the tax credits they are entitled,  and receive the best possible service.

What more could you ask for?


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