The PREMTEC approach

The PREMTEC approach goes beyond the simple preparation of the claim. Our experts take the time to make a global assessment of your organization and all your projects. With that, our procedure allows us to create a diagnosis that helps you make strategic choices from the many government financial incentives that could apply to your business.

Simplify the process for you

In order to meet the specific needs of our customers, we favour a flexible and confidential approach based on a global vision. It’s a simple and effective method, that leverages our solid expertise and in-depth knowledge of the SR&ED tax credit program and other financial incentives.

Maximize your claims

How to guarantee the results of your claim? This is the question everyone asks. The answer is to offer a rigorous method focused on results. In practice, this translates into a methodology that has been proven for almost 30 years, which makes it possible to assess the amounts you could receive and to assist you in preparing your claim in accordance with the various financial incentives offered.

Save you time

PREMTEC shortens the participation time of your staff in the preparation of your claims. Our experience, our knowledge of programs, our methodology for determining projects and expenses as well as our rigor of execution guarantee the efficiency of our work, which you will appreciate. PREMTEC will assist your team in setting up an efficient documentation system and tools to facilitate your claims.

Reassure you

In accordance with our information security policy, all PREMTEC employees must sign a non-disclosure and respect for intellectual property agreement. PREMTEC does the same with all its customers to ensure the security and confidentiality of their data.

In addition, PREMTEC is certified by the Controlled Goods Program of the Government of Canada (mainly for goods designed or modified for military purposes having strategic importance or having an impact on the national security of Canada) since we serve companies in the military field. This certification has pushed us to implement even more rigorous procedures aimed at securing sensitive information in all of our mandates.

(Source: www.pwgsc-tpsgc.gc.ca)
Controlled Goods Program certificate number: 28376

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