Proven results

As part of an SR&ED tax credit mandate, many companies have benefited from our knowledge, applied to support the development or the improvement of their products and processes, in either fundamental or applied research.

The experienced and competent PREMTEC team has unique scientific expertise which allows them to better assess eligible projects and the expenses generated by your activities. Below is an overview of the results we have been able to achieve for our customers, which we cannot identify here in order to maintain the confidentiality of their activities and data.






The recovery of unclaimed credits

A large Canadian company with more than 30 ore processing plants collects the tax credits it has been entitled to for … 15 years.
As their claims were managed internally to reduce SR&ED expenses, many tax credits went simply unclaimed for lack of knowledge that certain projects were eligible. PREMTEC identified this deficiency, and now the organization recovers millions of dollars in additional tax credits. Nothing other than net profits.

A mid-sized electronics and aerospace company collects millions of dollars in tax credits unclaimed over the past 20 years.
The company managed its tax credit claims using an in-house developed system. A flawed system, since eligible activities related to personnel expenses were omitted. The result: a shortfall in claims of about $250,000 a year, which did not escape PREMTEC. The sums have been claimed every year since.

A small computer company loses funding and has to close. Despite the situation, it recovers $500,000 in tax credits.
In the context of a computer “crash”, this company, which employed more than 50 IT engineers, had to close its doors. The closure of the business and the detailed technical and financial verifications by government authorities did not prevent PREMTEC from obtaining $500,000 in tax credits, or 100% of the credits claimed. This is proof that experience is more effective than intuition: the senior management would never have thought this possible.

Claims now accepted

A multinational company in the wood processing sector had failed in its attempt to obtain tax credits. Since we became involved, it has succeeded year after year.
The company had worked for six months preparing its tax credit claim without the assistance of preparers. Their request having been refused, they were discouraged by the idea of ??investing time and money each year in a process which was likely to be unsuccessful. The arrival of PREMTEC changed everything: in less than a week, our proven working method made it possible to analyze the situation of the six factories and find the strategic information required to claim the tax credits. Since then, our cooperation has enabled the company to obtain 100% of the amounts claimed, year after year.

Maximization of credits obtained

A multinational multisector (aerospace, hydroelectricity, IT, etc.) company obtains 30% more in tax credits … by changing to PREMTEC
To maximize is to investigate everywhere and with precision. The previous multinational SR&ED tax credit claim preparation consultants omitted eligible expenses. PREMTEC’s know-how and precision enabled it to obtain 30% more credits following the filing of a request for review. Obviously, the request was accepted.

A telecommunications company requests and receives tax credits faster, while avoiding being in an uncomfortable situation.
With the assistance of PREMTEC, this company receives its tax credits more quickly. Before our involvement, their complaints were always transmitted by means of amended tax declarations issued by his preparer, which delayed the reception of the sums due in this case. The company’s treasury was of course affected, but more so, these recurring delays exposed it to both financial and technical verifications by government authorities. An always uncomfortable situation, which no business needs.

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