The PREMTEC solution

PREMTEC offers a full range of services that meet the specific needs of companies that devote time and money to developing their business:

  • Investigation, preparation, and defense of your file with government authorities
  • Additionnel services
    – A la carte services
    – Training and support in implementation

We get great results with our proprietary 30-year proven methodology, which allows you to get more depending on your business model.

A simple and effective method

Over the years, we have developed a simple, efficient and fast method of maximizing your claim potential. Using this method not only maximizes your claims, but also minimizes the time spent by your staff on the claim.

Thus, the added value of the PREMTEC offer lies not only in the quality and expertise of its team, but also in its unique characteristics:

  • Unique methodology developed by engineers and refined over thirty years
  • Maximized compliance

The PREMTEC method

  1. Assessment of project eligibility
  2. Preparation of claim
  3. Support for communications with federal and provincial government agencies

Rest assured of fair pricing

Depending on the service requested, PREMTEC offers you excellent value by favoring a billing method adapted to your needs. Before even starting the production of an SR&ED claim, PREMTEC provides you with an assessment of the project’s admissibility potential to give you an overview of the scope of the work and the expected tax credits. This PREMTEC evaluation process is simple, quick, efficient, and free of charge if no project is deemed eligible.

To obtain other incentives, depending on the results of our investigation and the extent of the workload required, a compensation proposal will be determined according to a billing method adapted to your needs.

See for yourself what we can do to help your business grow!