The leading claim consultant
for SR&ED tax credits

What is PREMTEC?

PREMTEC is one of the few engineering consulting firms in Canada specializing in the preparation of technical and financial reports required to claim Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits.

Founded in 1991 and today bringing together a solid team of experienced engineers, scientists, and technicians, PREMTEC is Canada’s clear leader in the SR&ED tax credit application sector.

Who are our clients?

PREMTEC offers a full range of services to meet the individual needs of companies who dedicate time and money to research and development.

Due to our extensive technical and financial expertise and our knowledge of SR&ED programs, Canadian business leaders and multinationals of various sizes working in several activity sectors, as well as several accounting and auditing firms, regularly enlist our services.

Why choose PREMTEC?

Here are 10 good reasons to choose PREMTEC. Client companies who have called upon our services would not only agree with this list—they would no doubt add to it!


WE maximize the amount of claimed tax credits.

In compliance with current programs.


WE increase the likelihood that your credits are accepted.

More than 98% of credits claimed on our clients’ behalf are accepted.


WE put a highly professional team at your disposal

Extremely experienced and qualified multidisciplinary team around with our unique scientific expertise enables us to better assess eligible projects and expenses generated by your research and development activities.


WE assess your eligibility potential of your research and development activities

There is no charge for a preliminary assessment if no project get qualify. WE will determine fastly the eligibility potential of your research and development projects and activities.


WE keep the need for your staff to intervene to a minimum.

Our experience and knowledge of the program, combined with our methodology and meticulousness, guarantee execution efficiency that you are sure to appreciate.


WE use no-risk billing.

At PREMTEC, we pride ourselves in providing outstanding value: WE charge only for the services you contract us to perform, and our fees are fair and fixed.


WE ensure complete confidentiality.

PREMTEC respects the absolute confidentiality of your business practices. This confidentiality is essential to ensure you to keep the competitive edge earned from your research and development.


WE quickly adapt to your needs.

Our ability to understand what your company stands for ensures our work is in perfect harmony with your organizational culture.


WE provide comprehensive, ongoing support.

PREMTEC manage the SR&ED tax credit application from start to finish. Our personnel liaise with federal and provincial government personnel as necessary, and WE complete and compile supporting documentation, including Notice of Objection, as applicable.


WE help increase your earnings.

PREMTEC help you to claim credits that you are entitled.  Every dollar in tax credits means another dollar in earnings.  WE help increase your company’s cash flow and profitability.

Now it's up to YOU to choose the reason you find most compelling. WE are here for you, should you require any further information.

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